Monday, October 02, 2006

I Am Going to Smash Everyone

Nothing! Nothing again today! And I wasn't gentle with the bags in the chute room, no, not at all. The bags would come down, and I'd fling them around, whacking them against the sides of the chutes, trying to get one of them to split open.

One of them has got to split open. If I can't get inside these bags, I can't talk to Bazbo again. If I can't talk to Bazbo again, I'm going to smash everyone.

I feel like an Ape. I feel like a raging, insane Ape. I'm Kongstyle, I'm Berzerker Ape, I'm all aroar.

Vanderboom came by the chute room today. I was standing there covered in sweat and breathing hard. He started to say something, but I just looked at him. I looked at him like I wanted to eat him. He just backed right on out of there. Keep back, Fool! Keep back or I'll tear you, I'll rend you! I'll crack the marrow from your bones. Don't mess with me at work, not now.

I've gotta get inside those bags.


Blogger Reen said...

Patience. It would seem that the fruitless search for a broken bag is helping you to discover your true Ape nature.

Or, you know, nix patience. Patience isn't very Ape. Just, you know, smash stuff.

9:33 AM  

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