Monday, October 09, 2006

My Fair Lady

Nothing in the Chute Room today, but that figures. Vanderboom didn't say anything about me calling in sick on Friday. Didn't say anything about my "priorities" or anything like that. Which is good, because I would have smashed him. I'm just biding my time.

Last night I watched My Fair Lady. It's always on, but I hadn't bothered until now. There were just a bunch of torture shows on other channels, so I watched it.

It was great. This old skeeze enslaves this guttertrash chick, then he and his pervy buddy make her put on all these costumes and kinky hats. It's pretty cool.

The chick meets this stalker at a kinky hat show they're having at this horse race, and the stalker falls for her because she goes around talking about ass all the time.

They don't really get into the stalker angle as much as they could have, as much as they would have now, because it was filmed in 1964. It's a musical, so they do give the stalker this big theme song while he's lurking around outside the house where the two old skeezes keep the chick locked up. The stalker creeps around the yard, staring at the front door all bug eyed and singing about how he's never gonna leave the street where she lives so he can grab her when she comes out.

At the end the guttertrash chick escapes and the stalker nearly gets her, but she's got Stockholm Syndrome so she just goes back to the old guy who imprisoned her in the first place and he starts right back in making her fetch things for him while he sits in this big comfortable chair.

I know most people hate old movies, but that one's tripped out.


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